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JUNE 12-18



Our Summer 2023 tour of SPIRIT RIDER is now complete.

Announcements for our Fall 2023 tour coming soon.

Huge thanks to the people and places that helped us bring our first show to so many participants.  Special thanks to all involved at Grey Matter Books in New Haven, Black Cherry Puppet Theater in Baltimore, Sunview Luncheonette in Brooklyn, and Studio 34 Yoga in Philadelphia.  Special special thank yous to Austin Larkin, Zach Rowden, Stella Silbert, Joe Moffett, Michael Lamason, Sam Grossman, Liz Downing, Greg Hatem, Webb Crawford, Matt Mahoney, Morgan Fitzpatrick-Andrews, Rachel O'Hanlon-Rodriguez, and Jared Williams.

“Spirit-Rider and Night-Heart", is a performance of shadow puppetry and song, set to Georgia Beatty's album "Apprentice to Transformation" with Maisie O'Brien using cut paper puppets on overhead projector.  The story told is of Spirit-Rider, a lost horse rider looking for a mystical drum in search of their heartbeat.  What happens when the sky ancestor Night-Heart intervenes?  There's only one way to find out..."

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