Born in a rice paddy.

Growed in Texas.

Harvesting art by a Yankee moon.





I first started thinking about storytelling and its rippling impact on our selves when I was young, watching my mother develop film in her darkroom.  Now, remembering those primordial impressions of lenses and murky shadows coming to light, I too must tell stories with my hands.  My studio practice uses the narrative traditions of cut paper, woodblock printing, shadow puppetry, crankie theater, and animation, to perform scenes within a personal mythology.  My imagery often lingers on passages of belonging, escaping, and grieving.  As an adoptee who traces much of my nature back to the force of change, metamorphosis is a dear subject in my work, including thoughts on how we view ourselves as both agents and products of our environments.  I also love working in silhouette to challenge our relationships to symbols and the behavior we expect from them.  Having recently found a 'home' shadow theater, I am currently working to adapt and honor this long-standing, often spiritual, tradition of storytelling by drawing on my visual arts origins in printmaking and stop motion animation.  For me, it is becoming a process of hidden mechanisms and the transformation of everyday materials into illuminated essences, which is a magic that I feel is endlessly explorable and compatible with my creative voice.  In designing a sustainable profession for myself that can share as many stories as it absorbs, I seek a balance between performing and workshopping my practice, as well as becoming an instrument for others to narrate their experiences through me.  I look forward to collaborating frequently with musicians, dancers, and singers.​



I'm a Philadelphia transplant from Dallas, and a Chinese-American adoptee.  Growing out of a visual arts background in printmaking, my work desires storytelling at the crossroads of puppetry, original cello music, paper cut outs, and stop motion animation.  Since I began tying all of these callings together through shadow puppetry in specific, I have had the pleasure of performing at (virtual) puppet slams since 2020, and pursuing further studies in puppetry with Bread & Puppet Theater, the University of Connecticut, the Chicago International Puppet Festival, and the O’Neill Puppetry Conference.  My most recent projects have been a part of (remote) international collaborations in Canada and Germany, where I was invited to create sets and shadow puppets for the Montreal-based dance artist Lucy M. May, and the Hamburg-based filmmaker Dion Schumann, respectively.  I'm also proud to announce that I have been invited to create and perform a new piece in January at the 2022 Baltimore Crankie Fest—my first in-person puppetry event!


Bringing pride and sovereignty to my surrounding community through puppets and storytelling is another professional hat that I wear.  If you're around Philly, you may see me in my part-time arts education role working with organizations like Spiral Q , Asian Arts Initiative, or Fleisher Art Memorial working to center the importance of art in community, and to inspire and empower its members of all backgrounds.  I'm also currently organizing towards bringing my portable shows and workshops to local food and land sovereignty groups for learning and creating at the junction of art and nature.

sparq me_ warehouse.jpg


Me helping paint a flag at Spiral Q headquarters for their 2021 SparQ in Schools Residency with Blankenburg Elementary.  Photo by Rob Seitz