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Born in a rice paddy.

Growed in Texas.

Harvesting art by a Yankee moon.





My shadow practice simmers together everything from cut paper to traditional printmaking, overhead projector, crankie theater, stop motion animation, and cello.  I’m fascinated by how we may look indirectly at an object—through a lens, through a shadow—and know it in a greater truth of itself.  Above all I celebrate metamorphosis and liminal creatures.  I like looking through X-ray goggles at the forces of grief, departure, and becoming, and I delight in poking at our perceptions of control and otherness.  As I've come to roost finding shadow theater as a 'home' for all of my creative faculties, I'm now working on adapting and honoring this long-standing often spiritual tradition of storytelling towards original films and live performances.  For me, calling on shadows is a magic of realizing the impossible and of vibrating at a frequency that is universally understandable, which is a magic that I feel is so fertile for growing mutual respect and communication across communities.  While I seek to present original plays and films, I also encourage that my shadows help others share their own experiences.  For the foreseeable future you can find me collaborating with musicians, dancers, singers, cooks, scientists, etc.​



Maisie O’Brien is a Philadelphia transplant from Dallas, TX and a Chinese-American adoptee.  She has had the pleasure of presenting her original work with communities including Great Small Works, National Capital Puppetry Guild, Nasty Brutish & Short, Puppet Showplace Theater, Black Cherry Puppet Theater, The Baltimore Crankie Festival, Asian Arts Initiative, and Vox Populi Gallery, as well as developing shadows, puppets, sets, and costumes for collaborations with fellow storytellers in film, dance, music, and theater.  Maisie has studied puppetry in academic and immersive contexts like Bread & Puppet Theater, The University of Connecticut, The O’Neill National Puppetry Conference, and the Chicago International Puppetry Festival Workshops, and the Natoinal Puppetry Festival.  As a second generation arts educator they also work to encourage local voices with puppetry and narrative arts workshops, summer camps, and festivals.  This year they look forward to bringing their own puppetry workshops and performances to more local communities, and especially helping further mobilize the celebration of Peoples's voices with more art and story events.

photo by Ro Adler, Peoplehood Parade 2022 with Spiral Q in West Philly

Peoplehood 2022 by Ro_edited.jpg


Performing our 2023 fiddle and shadow show "Spirit Rider and Night Heart" at Sisters in Brooklyn, NY with Georgia Beatty.  Photo by Zosha Warpeha.

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