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Roots of my work / Other causes to know & support

I will be continuously adding to this list of people that I see achieving the better world that we deserve by fostering transformative action in their communities.  Many of them support their work through mutual aid and donations, often navigating within the complexities of a non-profit framework. Most are based in Philadelphia and Dallas, my two homes.  This root network grows as I grow, and learn about more organizations related to my own practice and personal interests.  If you like what I've been doing, you may enjoy learning about these sources too.  Please know about these movers and creators with the same care you've given me.  Thanks.

Artists and Activists

Educators for justice, art tutorials, and other professional resources

Below, when I finally remember to add them, are some texts that have been a big part of my own growth as arts educator.  Some specifically guided towards imbuing racial justice and anti-bias discourse in the classroom, and some are just good reading in any context.  And still some are invaluable art/puppetry tutorials from my own mentors and friends

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