Please send cardboard!  and other recyclables that help me teach others

Over the past few years, I've been redesigning my teaching practice to center my workshops around the appreciation and empowerment that grows out of making art from objects and tools that we already have in our homes, and overall uplifting the magic of transformation while reducing trash production.  I believe that while art is invaluable, art supplies should not cost more than basic food or clothing because that price threshold often excludes us from being able to — or even thinking that we could — be artists.

But here's where you can be of great help!  Do you have any of these inconspicuous items listed below that are still in good condition but you don't need anymore?  Mail them to me, and my students and I will use them.

-CARDBOARD, FOAM CORE, and MAT BOARD (local Philly area only please, clean and in good shape)
-MATCHBOXES for matchbox crankie theaters (no matches in the mail please, unless the ends are cut off)
-GRILL SKEWERS (BAMBOO) for puppet handles
-DOWEL RODS for crankie theater dowels.  small or large, we can use them all!
-PLASTIC OR PAPER STRAWS for a variety of puppet mechanisms (the sturdier and cleaner the better)
-CURIOUS SMALL BOXES (pretty much anything except metal can be turned into a theater without using power tools)
-CURIOUS PAPER for collaging, set and costume designing, and shadow puppetry
-RUBBER BANDS for puppet mechanisms (the kind that hold your vegetables and mail are great)
-POPCICLE STICKS (the craft kind or the well-washed food kind)
-WIRE (anything that is in the jewelry to wire hanger gauge range works great as puppet handles and coil joints)
-RULERS and DRAFTING STRAIGHT EDGES come in handy for anything
-DRAWING COMPASSES because a perfect circle is a thing of beauty
-KITCHEN STRING, TWINE, FISHING LINE, OR THREAD for marionettes and other puppet mechanisms
-SAFETY PINS, for shadow theater construction.
-SIMPLE MACHINES, have a pulley or a spring etc. that you're not quite sure what to do with them?  Ask me I 'd love to see.  It could inspire or complete my next puppet

You can request my business address through my
contact page and I will respond as soon as possible.

I can't tell you how much you are helping my workshops reach a wider range of people, especially in opening them up to groups who operate outside of conventional school programming or who have a materials budget.