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'Tis the era of learning safely from a distance, so in lieu of organizing more traditional workshops, I'm buckling down, learning to use the Adobe pen-tool, and transforming some introductory materials for you into your very own print-and-go handouts.  It's my hope that anyone who wants to try these out can do so regardless of financial capability, so please feel free to use these patterns for free, but with proper credit*.  Any donations are most welcome too, and encouraged if you enjoyed these materials.

*Most of these images are my original work.  For these I am using a Creative Commons license (your garden variety Attribute-Share Alike) which simply has you give credit when you use my educational materials directly, or you reference or build upon them for your own use.  Other images on this page are traditional folk motifs that I came across in the book "Traditional Papercutting: the Art of Scherenschnitte" by Susanne Schlapfer-Geiser.


Below are some downloadable motifs to help you start cutting paper in the folk-art tradition.  It's patterns like these that I started out with too as I got used to my cutting tools. 


For images with a DOTTED line down the middle, - - - - - - that design can be made by folding the paper in half down the dotted line and then cutting on the solid line to make a symmetrical cut.

Pro challenge: Try some of these patterns out by just eye-balling it (only using a design for reference, not cutting on the line).  Start with the big forms first and then go back for the details.