Paper cutting ~ Papel picado ~ Scherenschnitte ~ Jianzhi ~ Kirigami ~ Silhouette ~ Wycinanki


My cut paper work is largely inspired by the mythological creatures and plants that captured my imagination in reading and storytelling from the start. I owe a tremendous amount of influence to a range of folk mythologies and particularly the motifs and ironies of medieval manuscripts.  Forms and symbols within a botanical and feminist context have been my favorite things to explore.  The more tongues, claws, and foliage the better.  I originally began cutting paper as a way of ritualized focusing and developing my own myth imagery, but this adventure only led me deeper into loving puppet theater and shadows, practices which are currently taking over my studio to synthesize something new.  Cutting paper now functions more as my 'drawing board', and this page will be updated regularly.  Stay tuned!

All of my cut paper work is hand-cut using either scissors or an X-acto knife without preliminary drawing.  In order to display them in a way that shows them off best, I often coat the paper with black ink for lightfastness and then mount it between glass panes with a hand-soldered frame.  (Frames shown on my Etsy but not here)